Waiver / BESC creation

Waiver certificates (cargo certificates) are required for maritime export to Africa

What is a Waiver?

As a passenger travelling privately or on business, you are familiar with the green and white adhesive labels on your checked baggage. Your suitcase cannot be transported without this adhesive label, because it fulfils various tasks. For example, it shows where the piece of luggage was checked in and where it is to be transported to. It also proves that compliance with regulations has been checked. Waiver are special cargo certificates for sea freight to West Africa.

Why do I need a waiver for sea freight?

The Waiver in maritime transport serves very similar purposes: it provides information about the type and value of the goods being transported, about the consignor, about the transporting company, about the transport route, about the name of the transporting ship and about the type of shipment (container or directly on the ship).

A separate waiver for each country

A Waiver is therefore basically a way to increase efficiency and improve control. However, waivers are often a challenge for trading companies, because “waiver” is basically a collective term for different, country-specific certificates.

These include, for example, BESC, BSC and CTN certificates. These different electronic cargo certificates all serve the same purpose: to be able to monitor and track shipments in transit as well as to better monitor imports.

Many African countries in particular require trading companies to provide details of their import shipments before the cargo is allowed to reach its destination. Almost every country on the African continent has its own waiver regulations and gives its country-specific waiver its own name.

Familiarising oneself with this matter is tedious and time-consuming. Without the right waiver, however, the goods will not reach their destination. That is why international traders who hire a logistic company for sea transport cannot avoid the issue.

We know the receiving countries and help you

We at Peter Harms Schiffahrts- u. Speditionsgesellschaft mbH know exactly which certificate you need for which country. We will be happy to support you in obtaining all the necessary papers in good time so that your export business runs smoothly. So you can be sure that your goods will reach their destination as quickly as possible.

Peter Harms Schiffahrts- und Speditionsges. mbH is your competent and reliable partner for exporting goods to Africa. Feel free to contact us.


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